In order to register for an account with the Third Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, the User must accept the Terms of Use outlined below. This serves as your agreement with the Third Judicial District Court for the purpose of electronically filing court case documents using the eFiling system and will remain in effect as long as you are an active registered user.


1. To register for the user account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You must also agree to promptly update the information if anything changes.


2. Only the registered user and his/her designee are authorized to use this e‑file account. The registered user is responsible for protecting the user password and for preventing unauthorized use of the account. If the registered user believes that there has been unauthorized use of the account, the registered user must immediately notify the Third Judicial District Court Clerk's Office by emailing or telephoning 775‑463‑6503.


3. Registered users must agree to the terms of the user agreement and to comply with all local rules and the Nevada Electronic Filing and Conversion Rules (NEFCR) as adopted by the Nevada Supreme Court under ADKT 404.


4. The Third Judicial District Court reserves the right to suspend service to any account if there is any misuse or abuse of the account. Service will also be suspended if any information provided during the account registration process is fraudulent.


5. There is no registration fee or charge for accessing information through the Third Judicial District Court Electronic Filing System. The Third Judicial District Court, however, reserves the right to establish a registration or use fee at any time without advance notice to the registered users.


6. If the terms of this agreement change in any significant way, information regarding the changes will be posted on the Third Judicial District Court website. It is the registered user's responsibility to check the Terms of Use regularly for changes. Continued use of the Third Judicial District Court Electronic Filing System following the posting of changes will mean that the account holder accepts and agrees to the changes.